Sunday, May 26, 2013

How to Treat Stage 3 Kidney Disease

How to treat stage 3 kidney disease? It is really a critical stage. If treated well, kidney disease can be reversed. If not, it is difficult to recover. Why? Let’s explain it in detail.
According to GFR, which is short for glomerular filtration rate, Chronic Kidney Disease can be divided into 5 stages. It is applied all around the world in most of te countries. GFR indicates the blood flow in the kidney, which is even more accurate than serum creatinine for creatinine is influenced by many factors such as diet and exercise. The normal range of GFR is 80 to 120 ml/min. In the third stage, GFR falls to 30~59 ml/min. Serum creatinine in stage 3 is 186-442umol/l.
Besides these, chronic kidney disease patients also have other symptoms in stage 3 such as fatigue, poor appetite, slight anemia. Patients can also suffer from high blood pressure, the less absorption of calcium, etc.
In this stage, we both use herbs medicines such as Chinese Medicine and stem cell in our Hospital. In stage 3 of chronic kidney disease, there must be damaged renal intrinsic cells and necrotic renal intrinsic cells. Chinese Medicine is used to firstly create a favorable environment by dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulation and degradation of the immune complex. Then, it contains active herbs, which can improve the blood circulation, including micro-blood circulation and dissolve the blood stasis, which can repair the damaged intrinsic cells. In addition, the immune complex can be discharged out, and the immune system can be repaired as well.
As we mentioned above, in stage 3, there must some necrotic cells in the kidney. In this case, we should use stem cell. Stem cells are initial cells with strong self-renewing and multi-differentiation abilities. They are infused into human body through intravenous injection, and then stem cells will transfer into the kidney lesions by auto-homing function. Stem cells can adjust the immune disorder by repairing the damaged glomeruli and by generating into new renal intrinsic cells to replace the scarred ones.
The combination of stem cell and Chinese Medicine can help patients with stage 3 kidney disease recover.

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